AZUD TUB Dripline 16mm

  • Use for planter boxes, window boxes, closely planted or narrow areas, vegetable gardens, gravity feed systems, green roofs or loop around roses, shrubs and trees
  • Each drip emitter has two outlets for less chance of plugging
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  • Use for commercial and residential applications
  • Allows water to drip directly to the root zone, delivering a constant deep watering
  • No special tools or glue are needed
  • It can be used in both new and existing landscape areas
  • Saves money by significantly lowering the cost of system components compared to conventional irrigation systems
  • Contains UV inhibitors for long life and extended operation in harsh conditions
  • Flexible micro tubing for easy installation
  • ¬†Drip irrigation products may be exempt from residential and commercial watering restrictions
Coil Length

400 meters


16 mm




2.5 atm


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