ESP-LX Basic Controllers

The ESP-LX Basic Controller offers basic irrigation programming options you need for commercial sites. The simple dial makes programming the controller straightforward, and easy-to-understand menu options guide you through set-up.  The ESP-LX Basic is the first controller to offer both English and Spanish on one dial.

With 48-station capacity, four independent programs and up to eight start times for each station the ESP-LX Basic offers flexible scheduling options.  Basic water management features such as Cycle Soak™, seasonal adjust, station delay, and SimulStations™ are available to meet unique site requirements.

Simple, Three-Step Programming

Basic irrigation programming can be done using minimal dial positions. Additional programming options can be accessed through the Basic Setup and Station Timing dial positions.

Two Languages, One Dial

English and Spanish are both on one simple dial making it easy for everyone to install and maintain.

Larger Station Count

Get more stations out of the box with the ESP-LX Basic as compared to competitive commercial controllers. The ESP-LX Basic base model has 12 stations and has capacity for 48 stations using 4-, 8- and 12-station modules.

Water Management Features

  • SimulStations™ – Operate two stations simultaneously.
  • Cycle Soak™
  • Station Delay
  • Seasonal Adjust
  • Sensor & Master Valve Programmable by Station

Contractor Default™

Create a customized default program that can be automatically recalled up to 90 days in the future. This allows a temporary schedule to be created for new seed or a fast fix.

Enhanced Diagnostic Feedback™ with RASTER™ Wiring Test

External alarm light and on-screen messaging alert the user of conditions that may disrupt controller operation.

Station Modules

Expand the ESP-LX Basic from 12 to 48 stations in four-station increments using SM4, SM8 or SM12 station modules. These easy-to-install modules snap into one of four bays on the controller chassis. Dynamic Station Numbering eliminates numbering gaps between stations for easy, confusion-free programming.


The ESP-LX Basic Controller has two mounting options, an optional LXMM Metal Wall-Mount Case and LXMM-PED Metal Pedestal. The ESP-LX Basic standard plastic case field installs into the LXMM and can be wall-mounted or attached to the LXMM-PED for free-standing controller applications. The LXMM and LXMM-PED use powder-coated steel for years of rust-free operation. The pedestals are also available in stainless steel, LXMMSS & LXMMSSPED.

Rain/Freeze Sensors

Add a Rain Bird® Rain/Freeze Sensor to your ESP-LXME to save time, improve system performance and can enhance your reputation as a water management expert.


26.5 VAC 1.9A

Power back-up

Lithium coin-cell battery

Multi-valve capacity

Maximum 2 24 VAC


UL, CUL, CE, CSA, C-Tick, FCC Part 15


Width: 14.32 in. (36,4 cm) Height: 12.69 in. (32,2 cm) Depth: 5.50 in. (14,0 cm)


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