Quick Coupling Valves (QCV)

  • Industrial-strength brass quick-coupling valves for convenient water access in potable and non-potable systems.
  • Rugged, red brass construction for long life and reliable performance.
  • Reliable operation with strong corrosion-resistant stainless steel spring.
  • Standard locking cover on models 33-DNP, 44-NP, 44-NP ACME and 5-NP (use 2049 key to unlock). Optional locking cover on models 33-DLRC, 44-LRC, and 5-LRC. Metal cover on model 7 only
  • One-piece body design (models 3-RC, 5-RC, and 7)
  • Two-piece body design for easy servicing (models 33-DRC, 44-LRC, 44-RC, 33-DNP, 44-NP, and 44-NP ACME).
  • Strong corrosion-resistant stainless steel spring prevents leakage.
  • Thermoplastic cover for durability.
  • 33-DNP, 44-NP, 44-NP ACME, and 5-NP covers marked with “Do Not Drink!” warnings in English and Spanish.
  • Three-year trade warranty

5 to 125 psi (0,35 to 8,63 bar)


10 to 125 gpm (2.27 to 28.38 m³/h; 37.8 to 473 l/m)

Dimensions (height)

• 3-RC: 41/4" (10.8 cm) • 33-DRC: 43/4" (11.1 cm) • 33-DLRC: 43/4" (11.7 cm)


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